Nestled at the foot of Mt. Tipton in the Cerbat Mountains, on a gentle slope with an elevation of 3400 feet, Dolan Springs is a rural western town with a population of 2,043.  Originally the area was called LAKE MOHAVE RANCHOS. It is surrounded by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Tourists drive through Dolan Springs on their way to the world famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Local industries include tourism, farming and ranching.  

The Dolan Springs Community Council Inc. (DSCC) was incorporated in 1968 for Charitable and Educational purposes, to support the Dolan Springs community.

Through the use of its 501c3, the DSCC acted as a Fiscal Sponsor and supported the creation of two previously non-existent Dolan Springs community services, the Dolan Springs Transit (Senior Bus) and the Dolan Springs Trail System.

Dolan Springs Transit (Senior Bus) until 2016
Ellen R. "Kitty" Boylan, Kathy Dodson-Long

Dolan Springs Trail System until 2012
Sue Baughman


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