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The DSCC extends our thanks to Laura Lee Lantz, Julia Rumbles, Chris White, Marion Koll, Gene Koll, Walt Kiffer and Charlotte Kiffer for compiling the information. 

The Dolan Springs Community Council invites you to enter the History Museum of Dolan Springs and Tom Whites' role in its Development.

The Dolan Springs Community Council, Inc. (DSCC)   

  The DSCC was incorporated in 1968 and is one of the oldest 501(c) 3 nonprofits in Mohave County, Arizona. During 2018, while celebrating its 50th Anniversary, DSCC decided that since there was no common source about the history of the DSCC and Dolan Springs, DSCC would create a Museum reflecting the history of both entities. It is because of Tom White, the founder of Dolan Springs, that we have the town we have today.

 Memorabilia provided by the White family, including Tom White’s writings about how Dolan Springs and many of its current organizations were created, interviews with early settlers, and various print and pictorial items were collected to begin to write the histories. 

 DSCC decided that to make the Museum more available to everyone, the Museum should be on the DSCC Website. A small version of the Museum will be housed at the DSCC Hall, which has limited times it is open.

 Enjoy learning about the origins of Dolan Springs through the efforts of Tom White and the creation of the Community Council, which began in 1964 as the Lake Mohave Ranchos Community Council.  Thank you to the DSCC Board of Directors who supported this project, and to the DSCC Museum Committee for making it a reality. 

   Charlotte Kiffer, President Of DSCC​

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