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                   C.I.A-Now the Community Council

This organization was set up in 1961 by we few residents to be the political body to work between the residents & county officials. The first president, I believe was Mr. (Lane?) Bell. Mr. Bell proved very soon to be an agitator & had us tearing each other apart. The only meeting hall in those days was the old house Tom White was using for a Club house & office, this was where Tom White’s private garage stands today. I’m surprised it withstood the punishment from some of those meetings.

 The reason for the Chamber of Commerce being organized was to break away from these hassles. As time marched on the C.I.A. became the Community Council & (club?) Contributions and voluntary labor were called on to start their own meeting hall. The center portion of the community building was the original structure and construction was started on this in May 1965.