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               Lake Mohave Ranchos Chamber of Commerce

 LMR was organized in the early summer of 1963 under the name of Lake Mohave Ranchos as the Dolan Springs name did not exist. Some of the charter members were Lee and Opal Francis, Cliff and Dorothy Privett, (?nt), and Dorothy.

 Brown, Lloyd and Opal Sta(?), Jack Butch Donahue, Tom, and Florence  White, Frank and (?) Zimmerman, and Tony and Ann (Peatino?) there were,   I’m certain a few others, I simply can’t think of them all. 

 The Chamber was renamed Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce and nationally chartered in Sept 1965. The reason for the name change will be explained in the (acquiring?) of the Post office. I might add, the trailer-mounted chuck wagon sitting in the Ranch Club rodeo grounds area was constructed by the Chamber charter members & is still owned by the Chamber of Commerce.
                     The chuckwagon was built in the summer of 1966.