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This is a photo of the 1965

Lake Mohave Ranchos fire Truck

Fire Department History

In the summer of 1993 Mr. Parker, Mr. Bell & a few others decided we needed a fire truck. This was voted on by us in November 1963 & carried, this was not a District but our very own Voluntary fire department.

Their very first act was to contact my bosses & ask that they buy the truck for them. Mr. Parker & Mr. Vogt told them to find a truck, price it & if the residents would come up with half the funding, they would perhaps pay the balance.


MR. Bell found a life engine for the sum of $2,000.00. The community did come up with $1,000.00 as Mr. Parker & Mr. Vogt paid the other $1,000.00. The major problem here was it was paid for with Tom White's annual bonus. In these days I drew a set salary plus a percentage of the net from Club income, not counting Club memberships. My bonus for 1963 was $1,100.00 the $1,000 given to the fire dept was declared as a Club expense, therefore, Tom White actually paid the $1,000.00 and the Corp. received the praise. From December 1963 to April 1965 the truck was used to haul water to flower beds of Ben Vaughn, Fane Bell & Claude Barker, in April 1965 the truck was sold to fund part of the Community Bldg. construction. During this two-year period, the truck never attended a fire. Tom White has never forgotten this one.

As of this writing, April 1983 we are on our 3rd fire dept. & until the recent fire at the Fly residence at the corner of Pierce Ferry Rd & 13th the dept. has been nothing but and expense which we must shoulder. The Dept. did earn credit for saving the Fly home.