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First Telephone Service In LMR

                                                               Telephone Service History

 As stated earlier, at the start of Lake Mohave Ranchos' development (in 1959), the nearest telephone was a payphone at Grasshopper Junction, some 16 miles away. Tom White needed to drive there each Monday at 10:00 a.m. to call the home office in Calif. with a development process report. This continued until the Spring of 1962, at this time we were able to convince Mr. Mike Hart, manager of both Citizens Utilities, electric & telephone that we were on the grow & some type of telephone service was absolutely necessary.

  With Lake Mohave Ranchos Corp agreeing to put up $20,000, they were able to run an overhead line attached to the power poles. And the telephone company installed a payphone at Highway 93, and Pierce Ferry Rd intersection, the only protection it had was our office b. at this intersection. Another payphone was installed at the front door of the then existing club in the early Spring of 1966.

  Citizens Utilities accepted the property free of charge where the telephone building now sits, across the Pierce Ferry Rd from T. & F. Enterprises’ office & construction was begun. Upon completion, there there were 125 individual telephone hookups & the dedication was held on Sept 2, 1966. From that day on we have made progress with our telephone service, most all lines are now buried cable & all that wish may have a private line.