The Dolan Springs Community Council (DSCC) Board of Directors met to discuss when and how the DSCC Hall will be reopened. 

They decided the following:

1. The expanded sanitizing of the Hall will continue. 

2. Friday Night Dinner Curbside service will continue through June, and there will dinners served in the Hall. 

3. The groups that use the Hall, AA, and TOPS, may resume using the Hall for their meetings, and everyone in those meetings MUST   wear a face covering, from nose to chin, during the time they are in the Hall. Supplies will be left for each group to sanitize the area they have used. 

 4. Bingo will resume on Friday, May 15th.  DSCC volunteers will wear a face covering and gloves. Players will no longer pick their cards but will tell the Bingo helper which cards they want. The Bingo helper will then give the selected cards to the Cashier. The Bingo Manager has arranged to have a separate payout bank, which does not include making payouts from the money collected that night as usual Hand Sanitizer will be available to the players and helpers. 

 5. DSCC is asking everyone to be personally responsible; do not come to the Hall if you are sick, or have come into contact recently with someone who is ill or if you are elderly and have underlying health issues that put you at risk.

We care about everyone and want folks to stay well.