Ladies and Gentlemen, I am fully aware that the following pages are jammed full of praise for the part the White family played in the development of Lake Mohave Ranchos & Dolan Springs. Perhaps this is childish, however please realize we have put heart, soul and all of our money in the area development over the past 24 1/2 years. It was our dream to live out our retirement years amongst you and enjoy your companionship. For your own reasons you, most of you, would not accept us in your hearts, I'm sorry.

The only people that truly know what the Whites have done in the area are the original Corporation owners, Mr. Parker & Mr. Vogt. They've made the statement several times & we believe them, "There would be no community had it not been for the White's" end of quote.

Over the past years as resident manager for Lake Mohave Ranchos Corp. I did everything in my power to see that the corp. made money and folks moved into the area. Over those  same years I was shot in the leg or grazed with a 22 rifle shell, my vehicle was shot 3 times, I was knifed in the arm without warning & God knows what else & most of the time there was no reason.

I resigned my position with the firm in 1967, purchased the Mt Shadows Motel across the street, moved my family there & we also opened an independent real estate office, selling land for L.M.R.

Tom White then personally set up an office in Las Vegas in general real estate to make enough money to buy out L.M.R.

When Tom left there were 300 total residents, when the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Co. in Feb. 1969 there were then 200 residents. One Hundred moved away as there was not a flunky in site to blade their roads, listen to their problems, etc. could not force them to continue. This sounds harsh yet the money was spent on improvements. Roads were rebladed with the club funds, the cost to operate the water delivery truck over the 1/4 cent per gallon delivery charge was offset here.

 The club grounds which had over and acre of lawn, larger trees planted, tennis court, shuffleboard court, rodeo grounds and a 20-horse riding stable were constructed & maintained with these funds.

Last but not least the present club building was constructed & opened Sept. 1963

The club & club grounds for several years were called the Paradise & Recreational area of Northwestern Mohave County, with their rodeo's, outdoor steak dinners, outdoor dances with well-known entertainers, Tex Williams, Smokey Rogers, Tammy Duncan, Hank Thompson, Jr. and many others along with our own famous Billy Guitar. Many times, we have drawn crowds between 4,000 and 5,700 people. Unfortunately, those days seem to be gone.

Unfortunately, those days seem to be gone. The club dining room has fed many well-known people, in most cases there was not a special occasion, simply our county supervisor & other politicians will bring them out to the club grounds and sample our steaks.    Such Names as Gov Williams, U.S. Senator Duke (Senner?), Nevada Senator Howard Cannon just to name a few. 


Tom White, except for an 18-mo. period, managed and then owned the Ranch Club from 1959 thru, I believe 1976. Yep those were the good ole days.                                                                                                                                                                                   


    A Retirement Letter From Tom White

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